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Experienced Connecticut Firm Offers Mediation Services to Settle Family Disputes

Committed Wilton-based lawyer assists in resolving familial conflicts outside of court

Legal conflicts within families that are not effectively resolved can lead to stressful and expensive litigation. At the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton, our experienced attorney mediator Rosemarie Ferrante helps parents, adult children, siblings, married and engaged couples and other relatives settle their family law issues outside of the courtroom. Mediation can be used to resolve disagreements over co-parenting, prenuptial and postnuptial issues, and a host of other concerns that can find family members in disagreement. We assist people throughout Connecticut in coming to agreeable terms on a wide variety of complex and sensitive matters.    

Co-parenting mediation

For divorced, separated and unmarried parents, mediation can help them resolve co-parenting conflicts and come to agreeable terms on parenting plans and child support arrangements. Through mediation, both parents are able to keep key decisions in their own hands as opposed to having a judge make all of the decisions. We can work with you to prepare an agreement that is tailored specifically to your family’s needs and lifestyles and is in the best interests of your children.

Marital mediation

For couples who don’t want to get divorced but have serious conflicts threatening their union, marital mediation can be a wise choice. Unlike couple’s therapy, marital mediation is a form of conflict resolution aimed at helping couples resolve disputes over finances and other issues relevant to the marriage. It is not, and should not be, a replacement for therapy, though both mediation and therapy can be used at the same time if the couple chooses. Your mediator will guide you through a practical approach to resolve marital conflict.

Premarital (or prenuptial) mediation

Premarital mediation can help dating or engaged couples communicate and determine issues related to their relationship and upcoming nuptials. Premarital mediation offers couples an invaluable opportunity to engage in open and constructive discussions about topics related to their forthcoming marriage that are often overlooked, ensuring alignment and understanding between partners on crucial matters that may otherwise go unaddressed. These terms can then be put into a prenuptial agreement that governs what will happen should the couple divorce. When you use our neutral premarital mediator to assist in this process, you can be confident that any agreements reached will reflect both you and your partner’s interests.

Contact a skilled family law mediator for assistance with your complex issue  

At the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton, our attorney mediator assists Connecticut clients in resolving a wide variety of family-related legal issues outside of the courtroom. To arrange a time to speak with us and learn how we can help you, call or contact us online.