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I am inspired by my clients and thankful for each and every couple who has entrusted me to guide them through this difficult chapter of their lives. The following endorsements reaffirm my belief that what started with love, can end with respect. -Rosemarie 

"Rosemarie was direct, compassionate, unbiased and extremely helpful. Would recommend for anybody looking to pursue mediation.” 

“Rosemarie Ferrante was incredibly patient, knowledgeable and efficient. From the first moment we met her to our last conversation in the courtroom last week, she was not just accommodating but kind . . . My Ex and I are very lucky that we care about each other, put our kids and respect first, so, along with Rosemarie’s professionalism, we mostly sailed through an otherwise painful situation unscathed.”


“ I can’t thank you enough for your guidance during this process. It is overwhelming and you helped us navigate it all in a way that allowed us to move through it gracefully.” 

"Thank you so much for your guidance during a difficult process. Your support made it so much easier . . . and helped us maintain our post-divorce friendship and partnership as parents."

“We literally couldn't have done it without you, ... You're patient, professional, and caring...not words that most people would use to describe a mediator/attorney and sometimes the universe just matches up the right people at the right time and I want you to know how much it means to [us].” 

“Rosemarie was a compassionate, insightful, and kind yet firm mediator. Divorce is never fun, but we chose to go through the process of in a more unstructured way. We call it “conscious uncoupling”. In treating one another with mutual respect, we could do what was in the best interest of our family.”

"Working with Rosemarie for the past 18 months has been a pleasure, despite addressing uncomfortable subjects, such as financial affidavits, custody plans and the like. Reflecting back today, our day in court, to when we first began this legal and emotional journey four years ago, we realized we’d interviewed three other mediators or lawyers, and none of them would have ever been as perfect for us as Rosemarie proved to be. She’s very professional, polished yet approachable, compassionate and even has a good sense of humor, which made this whole experience much more “enjoyable”. We are at peace, thanks to Rosemarie."