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Effective Wilton Mediator Helps Spouses Divorce More Amicably

Connecticut firm skillfully guides divorcing spouses through the mediation process

For many spouses, working with a mediator can mean the difference between an efficient and amicable divorce process and a contentious courtroom proceeding. At the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton, our skilled mediator focuses on helping spouses reach agreements that foster goodwill and trust, while meeting each spouse’s individual needs and goals. We are proud of our strong reputation for providing effective divorce mediation services to clients throughout Connecticut.

Why should you choose divorce mediation?

Divorce Mediation offers a collaborative alternative for couples seeking to navigate separation or divorce while minimizing cost and conflict. By meeting jointly with a neutral mediator, couples address crucial matters such as the family home, finances, assets and issues related to your children. Throughout the process, both parties' interests are given equal consideration, empowering them to make decisions that prioritize the well-being of the entire family. When our attorney mediator, Rosemarie Ferrante, meets with you, she will explain the mediation process and answer any questions you may have.

What happens in divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation typically takes place in face-to-face meetings between the spouses and neutral mediator. We also offer online mediation, which many find more convenient or comfortable. Before each meeting, our mediator will provide an agenda and explain how to prepare for the session so a detailed discussion of the scheduled issues can ensue. You and your spouse will be expected to come prepared to each session. During the sessions, our mediator will facilitate the discussions, and ensure all options are explored, until an agreement is reached; one that that respects both parties’ interests and the best interests of their children. The sessions will continue until all issues, including property division, parenting plans, child support and alimony are resolved. As issues are resolved, we will memorialize your agreement into what will become your separation agreement (or divorce agreement), which will then be presented to the court for approval. Mediation is an efficient process, the goal of which is to ensure that each party makes well educated decisions based on all the information and resources available.

Contact a capable divorce mediator and family lawyer for guidance

Our family law attorney at the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton is an experienced mediator who guides Connecticut couples through the mediation process. Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation.