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Divorce Mediation

At our first consultation, I explain the process for divorce in Connecticut as well as your options for proceeding. We will discuss the differences between litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. If the couple agrees to proceed with mediation, we schedule our first session. Prior to each session, I provide an agenda and explain how to prepare so a detailed discussion of the scheduled issues can ensue. Each spouse should come prepared with a list of goals. The parties discuss their goals, and I guide the discussion toward an agreement that respects both parties’ interests and the best interests of their children.

Sessions continue until all issues — alimony, child custody, child support, and property division — are resolved. As each set of issues is resolved, I memorialize the parties’ agreement into what will be their final Separation Agreement which the parties will present to the court for approval.


There are no state licensing requirements in Connecticut for divorce and family law mediators, and no requirement that a divorce mediator be an attorney.  Therefore, couples looking for a divorce mediator can choose from a wide array of mediators with very different backgrounds.

At the Divorce Mediation Center, we believe it is important for divorcing and separating couples to choose a mediator who is also a family law attorney.  A trained, licensed and experienced attorney can fully understand the legal ramifications of issues in a way that mediators from other educational or professional backgrounds may not. When an attorney mediator memorializes your divorce or separation agreement, you can expect a higher standard of legal drafting than you would get from a non-attorney mediator. This saves you the time and expense of having both a mediator and an attorney involved and minimizes the chance that a judge would find the settlement agreement deficient in some regard.

Our goal is to provide the highest and most professional level of divorce mediation possible, from your initial meeting with us to your dissolution, saving you time and expense in the process.

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