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Wilton Attorney Helps Spouses Cooperatively Resolve Divorce Issues

Connecticut firm provides dedicated collaborative divorce assistance

Divorce does not have to be a contentious and contested courtroom proceeding. The collaborative divorce process offers spouses the opportunity to reach agreement on all the issues involved in transitioning his or her family through the divorce process in a cooperative and respectful way. At the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton, our trained attorney, Rosemarie Ferrante, has helped many Connecticut clients successfully divorce with compassion and respect. You can rely on our firm to provide sound and effective guidance tailored to your needs.  

What is a collaborative divorce?

Like divorce mediation, collaborative divorce is a type of alternative dispute resolution method in which divorcing spouses work together in an honest, transparent and cooperative manner to negotiate an agreement that considers the goals and needs of both parties. The collaborative team consists of two collaboratively trained attorneys (one for each spouse), as well as a mental health professional (such as a neutral coach or a co-parenting counselor) and a financial neutral. Each professional must have training in the collaborative process. At the conclusion of a successful collaborative divorce process, you will have a detailed agreement outlining the terms of your divorce to submit to the Court for approval. Our family law attorney, who is highly trained in this problem-solving process, can examine your situation and advise you on whether or not collaborative divorce may be an effective option for you based upon your unique situation.

What are the advantages of a collaborative divorce versus going to court?

Collaborative divorce is designed to be non-adversarial and respectful. The focus is on reaching a satisfactory agreement on the issues that best serves both spouses and the children. The attorneys and professionals involved are trained in techniques to resolve disputes, which reduces conflict and the emotionally fraught aspects of divorce, for the benefit of both spouses and their children. Additionally, the divorcing spouses make the decisions on property division, parenting plans and other issues that affect their own futures. When attorney Ferrante speaks with you and better understands your circumstances, she will put her experience to work for you.  

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The experienced family attorney at the Divorce Mediation Center of Fairfield County, LLC in Wilton, offers collaborative divorce as an option for individuals in Connecticut who are seeking to transition their families through the divorce process with compassion and respect. To learn more, call or contact us online to arrange a consultation.